Friday, June 24, 2011

Outtakes part 1

I was contacted recently about submitting work for a gallery show and the theme of the show got me thinking about the images that I put up here and other places and how they are different than the images that aren't selected.  I generally have a strong idea about what I want from a given body of work and I edit the images to best reflect my vision.  So when you, the viewer, encounter my work it is a representation of a particular vision and more often than not that vision has no real relation to anything one might associate with "reality."  The "actors" you encounter in my work are playing out a role and this role is usually unrelated to who they are in everyday life.  The characters in my images, as well as the environments that they inhabit, do not really exist. Through the use of lighting, set building, camera work and editing I create an imaginary world with characters who represent a specific component or idea about sex and eroticism. 

But today's post is dedicated to the people behind the characters.  Despite the austerity apparent in the images the reality of the shooting environment is that it is often more lighthearted than the images would lead one to believe.  This post is a glimpse into the personalities behind the characters in my images.  Enjoy.


  1. Love the post John. Very truthful , honest and insightful. The people in our photos are worthy of any and all attention they get. They are SPECIAL. Thats why we shine a light on them. Thai Food Rockstar?